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Lifting Equipment

Truck controller upgrading service

Through long – term and high intensity operation, the device will appear natural wear, time of stopping equipment for repair will increase and frequently no longer ensure productivity and availability of equipment, the small damage and repair small parts will cost a lot of time and expense. With repair and overhaul service of overal, equipment will be inspected, refurbished and operated with a capacity equivalent to new equipment.

Overhaul services:

  • Overhaul engine Volvo, Cummins, …
  • Overhaul reducer.
  • Overhaul hydraulic system, etc…

Upgrade, convert services:

  • Calculate and replace new engine.
  • Calculate and replace hydraulic pump, valve.
  • Convert motor DC – AC.
  • Ugrade TQc, controller.
  • Carry out overhaul components or the whole equipment.
  • Refurbish, upgrade, improve electric control systems, hydraulic, engine, transmission, alxe.
  • Repair, process parts, frame, steel structure of components on forklift, reachstacker, crane, tractor, etc.