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Lifting Equipment



CAVOTEC is a technology group has been supporting industries worldwide to improve the productivity, safety and sustainability.

CAVOTEC solution brings transmission, distribution and power control technology in which form the connection between the fixed and mobile devices in the field of Ports and Marine, Aviation, Mining & Cranny and other general industries.

Scope Ports and Maritime activity has always been the industry’s leading business CAVOTEC and has undergone more than 40 years throughout. Our products have always been designed based on the essential elements of safety, reliability and the environment to create a trust for operators worldwide.

UNICO VINA JSC is the official representative for the company and only in the case CAVOTECVietnam. UNICO VINA JSC and CAVOTEC made several upgrading projects run by oil from the RTG to the RTG powered by electricity to customers in Vietnam such as corporations Saigon New Port, Saigon Port, Da Nang Port …