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Lifting Equipment

Kalmar Reach Stacker

Kalmar Reach Stacker


Hight Quality, and stronger


The freedom allowed  by the lifting equipment; boom and various attachment options and its rotation possibilities, makesit easy for the driver to improve the work efficiency of the unit.

Throughout the years Kalmar has delivered handling solutions for multitudes of applications and client demands. The global wind market is growing significantly and the  demand for logistic systems has greatly increased. By understanding the complexity of the logistics in the wind energy industry Kalmar can offer the best suited machines for each task.

With the most extensive service network on the market Kalmar can support the operations of our global wind energy customers, wherever their business is located.

The transport of the hubs, blades, towers and nacelles is extremely difficult because of their size, shape and weight. Handling is a core issue of cost and time and increasing volumes require even more efficient solutions.The goal for Kalmar is to provide cost effective lifting equipment for each part in the logistic chain, from production unit to installation site and from raw material to ready components.


Gu Thuy Luc KalmarKalmar automatic locking hunchback can respond faster and activities in various stages of loading. No manual operations are used in lifting container. However, for safety reasons, lock hunchback can also request to be open.

Quiet operation

The safety standards of the world’s most

Safety pedals
Good visibility and optimum lifting angle
Automatic handbrake
Delta Cabin
Hydraulic motors on the chassis double shooting
Overload protection
Wheel bolt protection
Valve control shooting frame
Thanks to its consistent design as well as the inherent advantages Vietnamese, Kalmar reachstacker is the best choice for container handling at the ports of Vietnam.