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Lifting Equipment

Kalmar Empty Container Handling


The DCT80–90 is the simplified version in the empty container handling range offering a safe container handling with a high level of cost efficiency together with the renowned Kalmar quality.


Easy maintenance

Performing daily inspections and regular service just takes a few minutes. All daily inspections and service checkpoints are easy accessible at ground level and from the side of the machine.

Low operation costs

It is very important that your machines are operational and productive as much of the time as possible. Without unexpected stoppages, with minimum downtime for preventive maintenance and effective filtering of the hydraulic oil means lower costs for oil changes. Efficient driving thanks to high manoeuvrability also reduce fuel consumption. All of which helps keep running costs down. So, good profitability is about factoring in all the costs associated with owning or leasing a machine. With the Kalmar DCT Empty container you can keep operation cost low at all time.


Reliable operation

Well-proven drive shaft, transmission system, brakes and other power train units and components are use. For instance the electronically controlled gearbox allows comfortable, efficient and safe driving at all speeds as well as operating the lifting quipment with high precision. The hydraulic system is equipped with oil cooler and can cope even in the toughest ambient conditions.

Engineer Power and Hight Quality


The DCT80–90 is a quality machine, optimized for empty container handling. The components are familiar and are often found in other Kalmar machines as well. The mast and other critical components have been developed, optimised and simulated on computers. This means that even on the drawing board we could predict the kinds of strain the machine would have to cope with during its tough working life. And once produced they have been tested in their real environment, so you can rest assured they can withstand extreme use.




A skilled driver becomes one with his machine. He or she learns to manoeuvre it down to the nearest millimetre. Total familiarity with a machine means high productivity. But fundamentally,it’s also a matter of safety for personnel, machine and goods alike. The cabin on the Kalmar DCT has been designed with the driver in mind. The Spirit Delta cabin offers an excellent view in all directions and the mast and attachment have been designed not to block the operator’s field of vision. The well placed working lights allow excellent visibility in dark conditions. All of which contributes to high safety and improved productivity.