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Automated Storage Solutions

Advanced technology and automated storage solution serving for Business.
Following the development trend of the world and with the great advancement of science and technology, advanced machines and automation replace for human labor. This helps to overcome many human limitations in the process of operation to achieve high accuracy and efficiency, help save costs for businesses.
Hanel is the leading manufacturer of automated warehouse solutions for both office applications and industrial storage. Made in Germany since 1957, Hanel was the first company produce module carousel archives . Since then, with the investment in science and technology in production, Hanel has an extensive distribution network in the world with thousands of products sold every year. In Vietnam market, Unico Vina JSC is the exclusive representative for distribution and after-sales services of Hanel products. With a team has experienced engineers and technicians, Hanel with Unico Vina to provide a diversified storage solutions with optimum technical supports and professional after-sales services to all our customers.

Hanel System Advantages

Rotomat® and Lean-Lift® are high-tech products 
for the automated storage technology sector.

Space saved

Conventional storage methods require a lot of space!

With their compact design and by utilizing the available room height, Hänel systems offer maximum storage capacity!

Time saved

Operating conventional storage systems takes more time, as users need to walk long distances!

Goods to man is the motto instead of man to goods.
Hänel storage systems result in substantial time savings!


Disadvantage of conventional storage:
Users have to bend, stretch or even climb ladders to retrieve storage items.

Advantage of the Hänel systems:
The requested part is brought automatically to the ergonomic retrieval height at the touch of a button.

Goods protection

Hänel systems protect all parts from dirt, damage and unauthorized access!


With Hänel storage systems you can expand or alter your storage capacity at any time without any problem. The units can even be combined to span multiple floors and expanded step by step at a later date to meet growing needs.


By networking its intelligent microprocessor controllers and offering practice-oriented software solutions, Hänel creates a perfect logistics system that is precisely tailored to your requirements!

The pluses

• Space saved
• Time saved
• Ergonomics
• Goods protection
• Flexibility
• Networking

result in high economic efficiency
that sets your company on the road to success.