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Upgrade The PLC S7-300 System For RTG Crane Ben Nghe Port

Project name: Upgrade PLC S7-300
Customer: Ben Nghe Port

Project Description: Through a long operation time with the old control system Yaskawa, RTG crane in Ben Nghe Port appears unstable and damaged status; causing difficulties in the work of repair and maintenance, thus affecting productivity of port operations. So Ben Nghe port has partnered with UNICO VINA JSC, is a company with high professional competence and long experience in the crane industry, performing upgrades system scheme for RTG crane.


The Scope of Supply:

  1. Supplying, programming, installing and aligning S7-300 PLC system and the system energy saving of ABB.
  2. Integrated energy-saving systems ABB into control system – monitoring Siemens.
  3. Repair, replace the entire new control panel for cabin.
  4. Design Program Control – monitoring PLC, HMI and SINAMICS DCM for Crane.
  5. Programming, installation, calibration and commissioning system


The Panel before upgrade


The panel after upgrade

 RTG Ben Nghe4

Drive SINAMIC DCM for speed control motor
Project’s benefit:

– The new S7 PLC system with high reliability and precise control response: the new S7 PLC system, to be reprogrammed, to ensure the reliability of controls and the ability to respond quickly to control signals.

– Monitoring system, interact with the screen HMI: HMI support for monitoring crane operations and displays accurate diagnostic, repair and enables quick maintenance.

– Easy control and faster: the new control panel, but retains the design and position to help the operator to quickly get familiar, and the quality of the hand control buttons and is supplied from the main , ensuring reliability and long-time use.