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Client: IML Container Vietnam.

IML Containers Vietnam is the subsidiary of the French Company named “Groupe LACROIX”. At the Factory in Long An province, IML will manufacture injected plastic containers for food industries with Mold Labeling decoration.

Scope of UNICO VINA in this Project:

  • Supply equipment: Chiller (Climaveneta), Cooling Tower (Liang chi), Air Compressor (Atlas Copsco), Pumps (Ebara).
  • Supply material: Piping (Stainless Steel, Hygienic, HDPE), Flange, Valve and accessories.
  • Supply Electric equipment: Main Control Cabinet, Cables, PLC (Siemen).
  • Supply spare part.
  • Install all equipment and piping supplied above, testing, commissioning and handover to Client.
  • Insulation for Chiller System.

Below are some pictures at site:

Install Pump IML

Install and leveling pumps for Chiller System in Technical Room.


Install Cooling Tower IML

Cooling Tower (Liang Chi) installed on top of Technical Room.

Capacity: 100m3/h.


Welding HDPE Pipe on piping bridge IML

Welding Hygienic Piping for Vacuum system on Piping Bridge.


Install HDPE Pipe in Utility Room IML

Welding HDPE pipe in Technical Room, these are pipes for Cooling

Water and Chiller System.

Install Mod Machine IML

Install and leveling Mod Machine in Production Room.

Utility Room IML

Chiller (2 pcs) in Technical Room. Capacity: 60m3/h.