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CAMSO Viet Nam Project


Camso Vietnam is a member of the multinational Camoplast Solideal, based in Canada specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of specialty tires.

Factory in Vietnam: No. 5 street 23, VSIP 2A, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong

Scope of UNICO VINA:

  • Supply bus way, tap box, cables, cable tray & support, accessories, name tag, labour for electrical installation
  • Move electrical cabinets into MCC room and arrange in right position follow layout design
  • Install bus way, tap box, cable tray, trunking, conduit…
  • Install power cables and control cables
  • Install cable label and cosse
  • Connect power cable to breaker and control cable to I/O box
  • Install internet cables, lighting system, fan…
  • Commissioning with foreign engineer to full installation product line


Pictures onsite:

Tool box meeting

Safety Tool Box every morning. In this meeting, the safety supervisor will

remind workers about the violations on the site yesterday, updating the

new rules (if any) of the plant, working plan of the day and method of

safety for each specific job.


Pulling Cable MCC Mil

Laying power cable and control cable from MCC to Mills.


Install bus-way and tap box for Product line.

Moving Cabinet

Unloading and move electrical to MCC room.

Connect Cable (2)

Connect Cable (1)

Connect control cable, test before power up and commissioning system.

Complete Installation (2)

Complete Installation (3)

Completed installation and prepare for handover.